Running in the Cave 10.26.06

These are the official instructions for running your uploaded work in the Cave. Keep this around if you need to run in the Cave on your own.

1. Login on one of the Linux machines with you username and password. (If you haven't set your password, or don't know what your username/password is, let me know)

2. If there is a CaveWriting icon on the desktop, click that to start the editor. If there is no icon, go to the CaveWriting site and click "Cave Writing Editor" in the top left. This will launch the editor, and should ask if you want to install the desktop icon.

3. Download the app/update if it asks you to (doesn't matter where, either Desktop or home is fine).

4. Once the editor has loaded, select Open, then click on the little house icon. This will take you to your home directory. There should be a "cave-work" folder listed. Double-click on that, and in it should be all the files that you've uploaded on the web, available to be loaded directly. Open the one you want.

5. If you have sound, make sure the audio switcher is set to "5.1 Channel Audio" (it's one of the buttons on the right, or cycle through the different ones until you find it) and the volume is at a decent level. (Note: this step may change as sound isn't yet fully functional)

6. Click the "Run In Cave" button. It will ask for confirmation, and after that, should launch in the Cave! (You can also do desktop/full screen preview as usual).

7. Once you're done, click "Stop Preview" in the editor to stop the Cave.

That's it! Hopefully everything went well, but if not, here are some things to try:


* If nothing shows up in the Cave, and the Stop Preview turns off. Most likely, someone stopped the server. Check the Windows machine in the corner. If it says, VRG3D Server Running, then something is running in the Cave, hit ESC to stop it. There should always be a console window called "grexecd" running. If it's not running, double click on the "grexecd" icon on the desktop. Now try running in the Cave again.

* If nothing shows up in the Cave, but it appears to be running (i.e. Stop Preview is available, but Run In Cave is disabled)

For some reason, the Cave is off and/or on the wrong cluster. This shouldn't happen, as it automatically switches itself on now. But just in case, go to the machine in the center, and hit the "Cave On" and "4 Node Cluster" buttons.

Cave Writing Site 10.11.06

Just added! This new site will be a source for all course-related news and updates. Use the navigation on the right to get around. Home will get you back here. Gallery will soon contain sample XML files and Cave screenshots. You can login to the uploader, and also get to your studentwork directory through the 'Uploader Login' link. The latest version of the editor is linked from bottom.